why e-books are the future

10 1/2 Reasons Why E-Books Are the Future

why e-books are the futureSure, there are still plenty of people out there who would prefer to read a book in print. Maybe it’s a coffee table book. Maybe you love the smell of old paper. To each his own. But there’s no question (to me, at least) that as time goes by, e-books will continue to grow in popularity. Here are 10+ reasons that I culled through personal conversations — and surfing the web — about why e-books are the future.

1. No one has to know what you’re reading. Yup, if you want to sit on the beach this summer and read a book about politics, a physical book will pretty much display to the world what your political affiliations are. An e-book keeps what’s private private.

2. They take up less space. You know those bookshelves in your home that are stocked with books you haven’t touched in decades? Imagine having to get rid of them all when you downsize. Now imagine never having to get rid of another one again.

3. They’re cheaper. This one is pretty obvious. Why pay $15 for a physical book if you can download an e-book for $2.99?

4. They save paper. Don’t you feel better knowing fewer trees were harmed by your reading? The more environmentally conscious we become as a society, the more e-books are the future.

5. They’re more easily updated.
If you’re reading a book about, say an election that happened over a year ago, the author can quickly update the e-book to reflect the off-year election that may have tilted the scales just recently. That’s far less doable in print.

6. They can have links. Nonfiction books are usually filled with references to studies, publications, etc… Many e-books allow you to easily click on the links to read those studies directly. No such convenience with print.

7. No waiting for shipping. In the olden days, you used to go to a bookstore, buy a book and run home and start reading. Today’s print book-buying experience generally involves waiting a few days (depending on whether or not you have Amazon Prime) for the book you selected to arrive. With an e-book, you can start reading as soon as you click “purchase.” It’s like old times again.

8. You can adjust how the book displays.
Want a larger type size? Do you appreciate the stark contrast between text color and background color? All of that is doable with an e-book. Read it how you like it.

9. Length of book doesn’t equal weight. Remember the days when you’d look at a book, realize it’s 500 pages and think, “Ugh, I don’t want to carry this around in my purse.” My shoulders are hurting just thinking about that. With an e-book, all you need to carry is your electronic device. The length of the book has no bearing (no pun intended) on it.

10. You can search them. I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of the “find” feature in anything I’m perusing. Let’s say that I’m on page 125 of a book and it includes a quote from Dr. Smith. And I kind of remember who Dr. Smith is, but I can’t recall exactly what type of doctor he is. And maybe I want that clarification to put his quote in the proper context. All I have to do with an e-book is use the fun “find” feature for his name and it will take me right to that first reference with his proper title. With a paper book? Well, good luck perusing through the previous 124 pages. Probably not happening.

And now for my favorite…

10 1/2. Your dog won’t eat it. That’s right. I actually stumbled across this one when digging up quotes on why e-books are the future. If your child ever wants to use the, “the dog ate my schoolbook” again, she can’t. Dogs don’t eat Kindles.

And with that, my friends, I conclude this list of reasons why e-books are the future. Do you agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts below.

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