Plans & Rates

We offer a variety of websites for authors, from design to marketing and more! Here are each of the three packages available to our authors. Take the next step and contact us for a free consultation!

Websites for Authors: Plans & Rates

What we offer:

Basic Package


Advanced Package


Premium Package


Content recommendations, guidance, and hand-holding (this is our bread and butter … it’s what we pride ourselves on)
Custom logo and header design
Blogging functionality
Widgets and plug-ins, such as forms, photo galleries, etc…
Email address collection and list management
Easily-updatable site pages (an author’s best friend)
Integration with Google Analytics
Links to buy your book (either through Amazon, B&N, PayPal, etc…)
Full access to our client ticketing system to answer your questions, both during the design process and after the site is launched
Embedded Facebook/YouTube widgets
Submission of the site to all major search engines
Responsive mobile version of your site
Fully-custom page layout and design (a site like you’ve never seen before!)
Content implementation and formatting
Advanced search engine optimization* (a key to driving traffic to your site)
Integrated shopping cart (so you can sell your book, or related items yourself!)
30-day social media account set-up and guidance*

* These services are also available ala carte with our other packages. Please inquire for more information.